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4th of July Weisner Style

4th  July 4 -2

When my Dad and I are cooking up for people you can always guarantee it will have two things; Meat and more food than you know what to do with. First things first, we love our smoker, and we love to spend a week planning prepping and slow cooking happiness. For our July Fourth, we are going to mix up the normal hot dogs and hamburgers with a smokey twist.
– Julian Weisner


The Simplest Syrup
1 part Water
1 part Sugar

You can measure it by mass or volume, you can’t mess it up.
Heat the water and stir until the mixture becomes perfectly clear.

3-2-1 Sour Mix!
3 parts simple syrup
2 parts fresh squeezed lime juice
1 part water

So simple, so delicious, I always keep it in my fridge. It’s a great jumping off point for anyone!

Bourbon Peach Cobbler
This is a great cocktail, fruit forward and rich. I learned it working as a sous chef in Mount Kisco, it’s a fun crowd pleaser and it makes great use of good bourbon. However, if you are a true Bourbon lover, steer clear, the sour peach flavor is going to be the predominant flavor of this drink.

peach schnapps
brown sugar
3-2-1 sour mix
more Bourbon that you think

Watermelon Sorbet
This is such a great refreshing treat in the summer. It’s easy and versatile.

Simple Syrup
Seedless Watermelon
2-4 Limes
(a clean fresh whole egg in it’s shell)

Simmer the mint in your simple syrup, then bring down to room temperature.
Cut up the watermelon and run it through a blender without the rind.
Pour the watermelon puree through a strainer – pulp is not going to hurt anyone.
Squeeze the juice out of the limes.
Place the watermelon juice in a large bowl, place the egg, whole in the shell, in the bowl, it should sink a bit.
Add the simple syrup until the egg floats with about a dime sized portion of the shell above the mixture.
Keeping the egg floating at this level adjust the flavor with lime juice and simple syrup so it’s not too sweet.
Pour it into an ice cream maker and freeze, when almost fully frozen, remove from the ice cream maker and finish in your freezer for a couple hours at least.

Watermelon Gin “Daiquiri”
The floral gin pairs so well with the watermelon, that by the time the mint comes into play, it takes it over the top. A guaranteed hit, everyone will wish they could take it all home!

Midori (or other Watermelon Liqueur)
Watermelon Sorbet

Mix watermelon sorbet with gin and liqueur.
Garnish with a sprig of mint and a lime wedge


Smoked Brisket Burger

The Weisner Special Smoked Brisket (19 hours of love) topped with a slice of caramelized white onion, a thick slice of tomato, and homemade coleslaw. Smothered in our Westchester BBQ Sauce (Tomatoey, sweet, and tangy, with an extra kick of moonshine) All sandwiched between two pieces of cornbread

Sorry, I can’t give recipes for these, if I gave it all away it wouldn’t be a family secret.

Beans Beans Beans

2 cans Great Northern White Beans
5 yellow onions, caramelized
Tomato paste
mustard seed

Mix on the stove top in an oven safe pot, and simmer. Then bake for a few hours at least. For extra fun, toss in some bacon, pulled pork, or brisket.

Red, White, and Blue Coleslaw

Purple carrots finely shredded
Orange carrots finely shredded
Cabbage finely shredded
Onion finely shredded
Sour cream
Celery seed

Mix to taste.

The Pig Stye Dog

A hot dog cooked up in the smoker, will surprise all of your guests. Then it’s placed in a bun and covered in Beans Beans Beans, Red, White, and Blue Coleslaw, and extra Westchester Sauce. I also love it with the addition of a pickle, or red pepper jelly.

Alamo Corn
Truly just your classic Mexican street corn, but it’s so good!

Sweet Corn
Sour Cream
Chilli Powder
Garlic Salt
Cotija or Feta Cheese

Smoke/Grill the Corn without the husk Hot so you can get some black striping along the corn.
Mix some mayonnaise, sour cream, chilli powder, and garlic salt to taste.
When the Corn is ready spread the mixture on and sprinkle with crumbled cheese and chopped cilantro. Serve with a lime wedge.

I grew up eating mixed fruit pies from my mother every summer, and a party would be nothing without one.

You don’t have to go to crazy here to please people, simply mix a bunch of your favorite fruits, strawberries, peaches, rhubarb, blueberries, pears, apples, you name it. Toss with sugar, and cornstarch, lemon juice, cinnamon, vanilla, or any other flavoring you like, don’t be afraid to get creative. Place in a pie shell, top with a crust brushed with milk and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Bake and enjoy!

Fruit Tart
Bake a shortbread crust with a little lemon zest and go light on the sugar. Fill with a mascarpone pastry cream and top with Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

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