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As a young boy I couldn’t wait to go to sleep away camp in the Poconos every summer.  I was a typical little boy obsessed with any sort of competitive sport.  I was 12 years old when a little girl on my team in “Capture the Flag” stopped me in my tracks.  Now every summer I returned I was giddy with nerves and excitement to see the girl of my dreams, hopeful that our friendly competition would bloom into romance.

When I was 15 she moved away and I was deeply disappointed.  At only 15 years old, it didn’t take me long to move on and I would experience new people and relationships as I got older.  It was years later when we met again at a mutual friend’s wedding.  We couldn’t believe we had been unaware of the connection.  I knew it was serendipity when we met.  All at once those giddy boyish nerves crept up through me from the bottom of my stomach.   We reminisced about our playful camp friendship and those memories led us to a coffee date.

As one coffee date turned into a dinner date and then more dates, we fell in love, promising each other that we would never extinguish those kindred spirits that first brought us together.

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