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Blinded By Love

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We want to hear how YOU met your special someone… How YOU were proposed to or how YOU proposed …and if its okay with you…WE want to feature “your story” through our blog.   What a wonderful way to share true love stories.  It’s your own REALITY SHOW… and a good one!

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Here is a proposal story that is the epitome of snowy romance.

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From Jenna:

Although snow was falling heavy, our friends wanted to hike in the Catskills.  Snow kept falling harder as we came closer to our destination.  Once on the trail we were in white out conditions and my ski goggles were fogging up, preventing instead of protecting my ability to see.   It wasn’t my first time hiking, but it was my first winter hike.  I pushed the goggles above my sweaty forehead, desperately trying to see anything through the white abyss.  Looking through my prescription lenses was soon useless as well.  Even the dark trees were blanketed in snow.  I didn’t mind though, because with every blind step I took, Dan was by my side keeping me warm with his stories and smiles.  Mutual friends turned to mutual love.  Dan proposed this past winter in the white out blizzard that silenced NYC and halted all city transit.  Although snow was falling heavy around us, we were falling harder for each other.

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