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The Story of Fall…ing in Love

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We want to hear how YOU met your special someone… How YOU were proposed to or how YOU proposed …and if its okay with you…WE want to feature “your story” through our blog.   What a wonderful way to share true love stories.  It’s your own REALITY SHOW… and a good one!

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We are kicking off with one very special and romantic proposal story.

Photo of Minnewaska State Park

Embed from Getty Images

From Kathleen:

I had the feeling my husband was going to propose to me when we headed
upstate to Minnewaska State Park.  We were the first ones into the park
and walked and walked along beautiful hiking trails at the peak of the
fall foliage.  The sun was shining and the colors were spectacular!  Jimmy
stopped along the trail and reached into his backpack.  I suddenly became
quite nervous even though I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life
with him.

My nerves were quelled when he pulled out a tissue.  Ok, I
thought, maybe not just yet.  We continued on.  And on.  We were deep into
the woods and very much alone.  Again, he stopped and went into his
backpack.  Is this it?  Is this it?  This time he pulled out a knife.  Now
I was really nervous!  Had he changed his mind and decided to be done with
me?  Luckily no.  He finished with the knife and we continued on.

We arrived at a clearing where the views were breathtaking.  I grabbed my
camera and started to take some photos.   I said, “look!” as a hawk flew
overhead.  Then another hawk appeared and my husband said, “You know they
mate for life.”  Then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Even though I was pretty sure the proposal was going to happen that day,
it could not have been more romantic or spontaneous!

I said yes!

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