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Let Us Give You Clarity on the 5 Cs Of A Diamond: Part IV

Is Bigger Always Better?


When it comes to Diamonds, many people believe bigger is better.  So far, we have reviewed Cut, Color and Clarity, and now we will discuss what is traditionally known as the 4th C of a Diamond: Carat Weight.

An interesting fact to point out: The word “carat” comes from the word for Carob (the health-conscious replacement for chocolate).  Carob seeds were used to weigh precious stones where one carob seed equated to one carat in weight.

Here is the interview continued with Philip Weisner, store owner at Kestenbaum & Weisner:

Me (Tamar): Are carrots really good for you?

Weisner: Yes, the more Carats you have, the more easily you will be able to see your diamond.

In fact, I would recommend at least three or more Carats for a healthy diet.  But really Carat is the measure of weight in a diamond with 100 points making a carat (5 carats make a gram). A diamond is 3-D so “bigger” or more carats does not necessarily make the diamond appear larger.

How large the diamond appears partly depends on its shape and the way the weight is distributed, just like two people who weigh the same could be 6′ and 5’2″ respectively.  “Bigger” can mean in depth or in width (or both).  The bigger the stone the more expensive it is (assuming the same color and clarity) and prices in this department can grow exponentially.

If you make an appointment with us at Kestenbaum & Weisner, we can show you what the same carat weight looks like in a variety of shapes and what factors in a diamond cause it to appear larger.  Sometimes even diamonds of the same shape and carat weight can appear to be different sizes depending on unique distinguishing qualities in each diamond.

Now you have our perspective on the 4 Cs, but we’re not finished yet.

Stay tuned for the 5th and final C…

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