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Let Us Give You Clarity on the 5 Cs Of A Diamond: Part III


A beautifully clear Emerald Cut Diamond Ring.

So far, we’ve reviewed the Cut and Color of Diamonds to help you find the diamond that looks most beautiful to you and only you.

Now we finally have a chance to give you the clarity we’ve been promising by reviewing the factor of Clarity in a Diamond.

The interview with storeowner Philip Weisner, continued…

Me (Tamar): How important of a factor is Clarity in determining how sparkly your diamond will be?

Weisner: Clarity is a tricky thing.  Basically, from Flawless to SI (slightly included), stones will look the same to the naked eye – CLEAN!  In this range, the brilliance, or sparkle is initially the same and the only real difference you’ll find is in the price.  Clarity is more important for an Emerald Cut diamond.  Keep in mind, imperfections are like real estate: all about location, meaning that certain flaws can be hidden from view.  Ask an expert (like us) to note the differences because the end results may be better for you.

After interviewing Philip, I had an opportunity to spend some time with him comparing diamonds of the same color and clarity and I was surprised to find that each diamond looked different despite identical grading.

This reminded me of my experience with online dating when two guys had what seemed like almost identical personalities.  Once I met each of them in person, one of them turned out to be quite self-involved and overly obsessed with cats (yes it is possible to be overly obsessed with cats) while the other was much more interesting and kind, asking questions and sharing funny stories.  Each diamond is unique and that’s why it’s impossible to know which diamond will stand out the most until you can compare them in front of you.

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