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Let Us Give You Clarity on the 5 Cs Of A Diamond: Part II


Do you think the stone above is pretty?  What color do you think it might be?

Me (Tamar): What about Color?  How drastic is the difference as you go down from Color D to Color Z?

Philip Weisner: If D-F is a brand new white shirt at the store still in the wrapper, then a G-I color is a white shirt that has been laundered a few times.   Think of color in diamonds in the same way.  They are all white, just varying in shade.  Stones from J-M become slightly tinted and the increased yellow concentration continues to Z.

If you are trying to stay within a specific budget and prefer a larger stone, then you may wish to trade-off on color.  The best way to know how much of an impact the differences in color will have is to compare diamonds of various shades in front of your own eyes.  You may be surprised to find that the differences are not as drastic as you may have imagined.

After Z, a highly colored diamond actually begins to increase in value.  This is when the yellow color has reached a “tipping point” and now the more intensely yellow the stone, the more valuable it becomes.  Yet, you may still prefer a lighter colored yellow diamond regardless of value, depending on what is most aesthetically appealing to your individual taste.  There is no right or wrong answer because the stone that looks most beautiful to you is the right stone.



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