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5 Things to Know Before Getting a Custom Ring

Making a customized ring takes someone with experience and artistic flair who knows how to create and craft.  It is even more important to work with a jeweler who is patient, who will listen to your desires, and who can understand and execute the feeling you want your ring to emulate.

1) What best describes your style?

Trendy Diamond Halo with Maximum Brilliant from a Round Brilliant Cut Stone.

Trendy Diamond Halo with Maximum Brilliance from a Round Brilliant Cut Stone.

2) Are there elements of different rings that you would like to incorporate into your ring?

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When you make an appointment to come into our store and speak with one of our experts, you can bring multiple pictures of rings and discuss the elements that appeal to you in each ring.  We will help you come out with something cohesive and beautiful based on your own dream and imagination.

3) How will your ring fit into your lifestyle?

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A very active lifestyle may influence your decision about what kind of setting and style you would like.  If you tend to spend a lot of your time in an office setting, you may prefer a glamorous three-stone ring because you do not have to worry about your ring getting hit or knocked around.  If you lead an adventurous lifestyle, you may desire something more simple and elegant.

4) What is your Bling Budget?

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We will help you find the best bling for your buck.  You will have a chance to see different qualities and cuts of diamonds to see which diamonds sparkle the most in your eyes.  Then we will help you determine which factors are most important to you so that you can get the best bling for your buck.  Bling It Big like Beyonce or keep it Understated and Classy like Lauren Conrad.

5) Know what makes you sparkle.

Asscher Cut Ring with Diamond Band

Asscher Cut Ring with Diamond Band

You will be able to sit down with our experts to touch and compare everything from the shapes and cuts of diamonds, to the settings and the different types of metals, and discuss your options for the best value within your budget.  Ultimately, if you sparkle, we sparkle.

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